Does Fiber Protect Against Cancer?

Even though, you cannot see it or taste it, fiber can work wonders for your body. Many of us know that high fiber content in our diet will play an important role in easy excretion and will protect the humans from constipation and related issues. But, do you know that fiber has cancer fighting properties? Yes, for several years now, studies have pointed out that increased fiber intake will bring down the risk of colorectal cancer. Researchers state that this effect of fiber is due to the fact that it adds bulk to your digestive system, which in turn shortens the amount of time wastes will have to travel through your colon.

Why should wastes be removed from colon?

Nowadays, most of us are aware of the term ‘colon cleansing’ and this will help with reducing the chances of colorectal cancer. Generally, wastes present in colon contain carcinogens; they should be removed as quickly as possible. Daily fiber intake in your diet will help in removal of these carcinogens from colon. When you increase fiber intake, it will bring down the chances of intestinal cells from getting affected. When bacteria present in the lower intestine breaks down fiber, a substance known as butyrate is produced that might reduce the chances of growth of tumors in the colon and in the rectum.

Other type of cancers:

Not just colorectal cancer, reports state that increased fiber intake in your diet will reduce the chances of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men as well.

How about breast cancer?

Fiber can reduce the risk of breast cancer by influencing the hormone production in the body. However, this statement was accepted only by certain researchers and some state that there is no proof in this regard.

Prostate cancer:

This is similar to that of breast cancer stating that fiber can influence the hormone production in the body. But, as against breast cancer, there are positive feedbacks by many studies that fiber works against prostate cancer.


Even tough, there are no evidences of fiber working against any type of cancer, there are many studies that showcase that it is beneficial to humans in a number of ways. The main benefit associated with fiber is that it will make your bowel movement regular. When excretion happens rightly it will prevent many diseases and will keep you hale and healthy. So, include more of fiber rich foods in your diet and stay healthy!

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