How To Stop Overeating?

When we were babies, we ate only when we felt hunger and stopped, when we felt fuller. The human body is designed for this type of practice. But, as we age and as we are introduced to a wide range of fad diets, many of us forget the balanced method of eating and start overeating. If you are concerned that you are frequently munching something and your weight is increasing because of this habit, try a diet program like Nutrisystem and don’t forget to look for Nutrisystem promo codes and they’ll send you healthy meals. Alternatively, here are some tips that will help you to get rid of over eating:

  1. Prepare a hunger scale for yourself:

Have you ever experienced the feeling of hunger? Many people never let their body to experience this feeling, just because they keep eating. To avoid overeating, it is important that you should learn how to identify the physical cues of your body that wants you to get some nourishment. Before eating anything, you can use the hunger scale given below to understand the true requirements of your body:

Starving: This position in the scale will bring you an uncomfortable and empty feeling, which might be accompanied by lightheadedness or jitters caused because of low blood sugar levels in the body and due to lack of nourishment.

Hungry: The next rule is that when the next meal has set in to your mind and if you do not eat one hour after this feeling, your body might enter to starvation mode.

Moderately hungry: At this stage, your stomach might start growling and you can leave it to enter into hungry feeling before you take up the food.

Satisfied: This is stage, when you feel satisfied, but not full or hungry and if you feel comfortable, you can wait for some time for the hunger to strike.

Full: When your stomach feel bloated still, prevent yourself from eating further.

Stuffed: At this stage, there will be utmost uncomforted feeling and even there are chances of slight heartburn caused by stomach acids that creep back into esophagus. Never eat, until you feel hungry.

  1. Eat slowly:

When you eat slowly, by chewing the food to the utmost possible extent and swallow it with saliva, you will feel fuller after eating small quantity and also the digestion will happen in a healthy fashion. Also, when you chew the food nicely, you will not eat more. This will automatically protect you from overeating.

The other things you can do to prevent overeating is to think about your looks, you can choose satisfying foods and using measuring cup for measuring the foods and not eating more than that strictly.

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