The Importance of Diet and Exercise in Reducing Obesity

With the increasing incidence of obesity, it is important that people, who have been identified as obese individuals and also those falling under the category of overweight individuals must take immediate steps to reduce weight. The reason is that continues excess weight can lead to a lot of health issues like diabetes, increased cholesterol levels and many other life-threatening illnesses. Many of us think that surgery alone is the only remedy for obesity. But, the fact is that surgeons suggest bariatric or weight loss surgeries only for people, who are not able to lose weight even after trying out different methods for the same and also those, who have other health risks because of their weight. According to recent Nutrisystem reviews, most obese people don’t even need a surgery and all they need is a healthy diet and exercise.

What is the solution?

So, the question that is put forth by most men and women is how to get rid of obesity and overweight? Some might get diet control as the answer, while some might get exercise as the best method to lose weight. But, the fact is that a combination of both alone can help.

Importance of diet and exercise in reducing weight:

Without any doubt, there is no surprise that obesity increases the risk of many health complications. Each and every part of your body right from brain to your knees can get affected by obesity. Some of these afflictions can be combated with the help of exercise to make life healthier. Exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease; can improve joint health and mental health in the case of obese people. Of course, exercise alone cannot help and these people should follow the right diet. When it comes to diet, they should reduce fatty substances from their diet and rather than taking three whole meals in a day, they are recommended to take 5-6 smaller meals. Meals here involve the foods with lesser carbohydrates, high protein, low fat and rich vitamins and minerals.

More of fruits and vegetables can be included in the diet as against fatty foods and carbohydrate based foods. When the diet is low in fat and calorie levels, salt and sugary substances, but rich in vitamins and minerals and when exercises are also done, these easily digestible foods will quickly digest and will get converted into energy, rather than staying in the body as fat. This in turn will reduce body weight due to the effective role played by diet and exercise jointly.

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