Supplements For Heart Health Facts

When it comes to healthy development and functioning of your cardiovascular system, exercise can play a crucial role. But, there is a lot you can do in your diet as well. As the month of February is fast approaching and it is a National Heart Month, you should be aware of certain supplements that will improve your heart health. Diet programs like Nutrisystem are good for a healthy heart.

With the increasing number of deaths due to heart ailments is increasing year after year, the health sector in each country wants their subjects to be aware of certain things that they can do to prevent heart problems in the future. There are certain nutrient supplements that are known to be effective in improving heart health and they can reduce the risk of heart ailments as well.

If you are eating a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, you are already doing some favorable things to your heart. But, you are also recommended to be aware of certain facts about supplements for heart health, such that you can ensure a disease-free life:


Do you know that daily inclusion of garlic in your diet, besides adding taste and flavor to your foods can lower your cholesterol levels, besides lowering your blood pressure slightly? It is good for heart because it can prevent building up of plaque, which is stated to be the important reason for blockage in arteries. This in turn will lower the chances of blood clots. If you cannot add garlic in your diet naturally, you can just go for garlic-based supplements to improve your heart health.

Coenzyme Q10:

Shortly referred to as CoQ10, this substance is known to significantly lower the risk of adverse things happening in your cardiovascular system by about 50%. This is known to work in people with moderate to severe heart failure. If you are taking statin drugs for lowering cholesterol, you can very well take coenzyme Q10 supplements to lower the side-effects of these drugs on your body. This substance will also help with lowering blood pressure. Adding this supplement to heart failure drugs will help patients to feel better day after day.


When you are aware of supplements that can help your heart, you should be aware of those that may not help, isn’t? They are policosanol, multivitamins, fish oil and calcium. Also, you should know that Vitamin E supplements can be harmful for your heart.

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